Area A - Level 1 Dimension: 9m x 6m (approximately 54sqm / 581sqft)
Area E - Facing CK Tang Dimension : (approximately 20 sqm / 216 sqft)
Sticker-wraps on Escalator Claddings
Advertising Panels around Bubble Lift No. 10 at Basement and Level 1


Our event spaces are strategically located in the heart of Orchard Road to attract a great mass of audience.  The booking is open to any one who wishes to create brand awareness for their products or services.

For interested parties, please contact the Marketing Communications Department for more details.


Advertise with us today to achieve maximum exposure for your products and services at Lucky Plaza. Advertising agencies and Media owners are welcomed to explore our sites. For more details, please contact Marketing Communications Department.


Media Kit: For more details, please contact Marketing Communications Department at 6235 3294

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